Meditation Teacher Program
by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Learn Modern Methods to Teach Timeless Wisdom.
Applications for this year's program are open!
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Meditation Teacher Program by Mingyur Rinpoche

Learn Modern Methods to Teach Timeless Wisdom
Applications for this year's program are closed.

What’s so Unique about
this Meditation Teacher Program?

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  • Receive direct guidance from Mingyur Rinpoche, one of the world’s leading meditation teachers. His practical teaching methodology is informed through decades of experience.
  • Our distinguished faculty and guest speakers includes scientists, Buddhist scholars, teaching experts and long-term meditation teachers.
  • Blending traditional wisdom teachings with contemporary science, the program goes beyond mindfulness to include teachings on compassion, wisdom and teaching skills.

Enhance Your Skills to Transform Lives through Meditation

This online course is led by senior Tergar faculty under the direct guidance of Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Special guests include Dr. Cortland Dahl, Dr. Richie Davidson, Edwin Kelley, Myoshin Kelley, Caroline Leach, Tim Olmsted, and Antonia Sumbundu.

Who Should Apply?

  • Meditation practitioners who wish to bring awareness, compassion, and wisdom practices to the world
  • Yoga teachers, healthcare professionals, or psychologists who are interested in offering meditation as part of their profession
  • Educators who would like to incorporate meditation into their learning environments
  • Community workers interested in social transformation, bringing meditation to the people they serve
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Tergar’s experiential approach will allow you not only to become a teacher for others, but a teacher for yourself.

Module Syllabus:
Three Pillars Of Study

Pillar 1: Developing the Foundation

  • Awareness: Establish a practice that helps you recognize your innate qualities.
  • Compassion: Recognize innate goodness in yourself and others.
  • Wisdom: Cultivate an understanding of our innate wisdom by investigating how things truly are.

Pillar 2: Deepening Teaching Skills

  • Facilitating Discussions: Develop skills to create welcoming spaces that encourage learning.
  • Presenting: Learn the Tergar Teaching Methodology to share concepts and practices.
  • Guiding Meditation: Ground the guided meditation in your own embodied experience, while providing clear instructions in simple and accessible language.
  • Coaching, Mentoring, and Practice Interviews: Enhance your skills in listening deeply and responding authentically to nurture each student’s unique process.

Pillar 3: Sharing Your Knowledge With the World

  • Building Rapport: Learn essential skills to connect with your audience and become a successful meditation teacher.
  • Designing Curriculum: Learn to design and implement a structured learning experience for your audience.
  • Altruistic Action: Embark on an altruistic journey and cultivate a sustainable meditation teaching model. 
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Graduation And Beyond

Upon completion of this innovative course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by Tergar International. This certificate will qualify you to teach Anytime Anywhere Meditation (AAM), a new introductory-level meditation program developed by Tergar. If you choose not to teach AAM, the MTP will also help prepare you to offer other introductory-level meditation courses.

Student Testimonials

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Ivonne Atmojo

Meditation Teacher Program Student

“The MTP training was fantastic and helped me to teach meditation in an ethical, responsible, and creative way. I highly recommend it to everyone as it goes beyond just providing tools; it encourages reflection on the importance of education and the role of a meditation teacher, who must genuinely connect with others.”

Isabella Ianell

Meditation Teacher Program Student

“Being part of such a tight-knit and intimate learning environment was a true privilege. Not only did it level up my own practice, but I really feel I can bring these learnings into my community with a new sense of confidence.”

Jeremy Wortsman

Meditation Teacher Program Student

“This program has really deepened my understanding of meditation through the richness of the teachings and the enthusiastic community of fellow meditation teacher students. A wonderful way to experience Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, with the ultimate goal of teaching, creating a strong sense of purpose and urgency.”

Thomas Hesse

Meditation Teacher Program Student

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What should I expect from the Meditation Teacher Training program?

The MTP comprises approximately 240 hours of training. Participants are expected to dedicate around 25 hours per month or 5–7 hours per week.
To enhance the learning experience, the program is 30% synchronous and 70% asynchronous.
  • Asynchronous: Each module offers curated video recordings, audio recordings, and readings. Rich, in-depth engagement with these materials is encouraged through assignments in written and video format, video feedback, and reflection questions.
  • Synchronous: Rinpoche and guest faculty offer live teachings and Q&A, and senior Tergar faculty facilitate individual mentoring sessions, mentor-led group discussions, and peer-to-peer activities.
Additionally, participants are expected to maintain a personal daily meditation practice, practicing at least 30 minutes every day.
The program is held completely online via Zoom and LearnWorlds, the course platform. The materials and discussions will be in English.
Participants are required to attend at least 85% of the live sessions in each pillar during the entire program. Participants who fail to do this will not be granted the certification.

Dates to keep in mind

The application period opens March 18, 2024 and runs until May 5, 2024.
The Meditation Teacher Program will run from September 16, 2024 to August 17, 2025. There are two 1-month breaks, in December and April respectively.
Any applications received after May 5, 2024 will be added to the waitlist.


  • Option 1: To have completed Tergar Joy of Living Levels 1 and 2 and the corresponding homework at the moment of application. (You will have to complete Joy of Living Level 3 and the corresponding homework before the start of the MTP program.)
  • Option 2: To have had a regular daily meditation practice for at least 3 years and to have completed Joy of Living Levels 1 and 2 without the corresponding homework at the moment of application. (You will have to complete Joy of Living Level 3 (without the corresponding homework) before the start of the MTP program.)
Note: If you participated in the Joy of Living program some time ago and haven't practiced the corresponding meditations recently, we highly recommend that you review and familiarize yourself with them again before the MTP begins.
Use of technology :
This is an online program that requires some familiarity with technology and access to software like Zoom, WhatsApp, Youtube, and Vimeo. You will be asked to record and share videos via a shareable link on an online cloud platform of your choice.

What is the tuition for the Meditation Teacher Program?

There are four available rates for MTP:
  • The sponsor rate is $5,500
  • The base rate is $4,500
By paying a sponsor rate, you support the studies of fellow or future MTP students. You will be considered a “Tergar Donor” and will receive a tax-deductible receipt.
In order to support Rinpoche’s vision of sharing meditation across all regions of the world, the MTP aims to ensure an equitable selection process with an emphasis on diversity (age, geographical region, language, etc.), and a limited number of places are available at subsidized rates for Tergar community leadership and those who need financial assistance:
  • The partially subsidized rate is $2,500
  • The fully subsidized rate is $0

What are the payment options?

If accepted in the program, you can reserve your place by paying 25% of the tuition fee within ten business days of acceptance. The remainder of your payment can be paid in either:
  • one payment of 75% in August 2024 or
  • 3 installments of 25% each, in September 2024, December 2024, and March 2025.
All payments can be made via credit/debit card or bank transfer.
Cancellation Policy:
Full refunds will be granted for any cancellations made prior to or on August 21, 2024.
No refunds will be made after this date. Students are responsible for the full tuition payment as outlined in the payment options above, regardless of how much they progress through the program.

Program details

The Meditation Teacher Program is a year-long program that runs from September 16,  2024 to August 17, 2025
The program is divided into three main pillars:
Main Course Elements:
The MTP comprises approximately 240 hours of training. Participants are expected to dedicate around 25 hours per month or 5–7 hours per week. The program is divided into 30% synchronous and 70% asynchronous elements, such as:
  • Live Sessions with Guest speaker and Q&A
  • Mentor Group Discussions
  • Peer-to-Peer Discussions and Activities
  • Written and Video Assignments
  • Mentor check-in
  • Written and Video asynchronous content
Live classes might be cancelled throughout the Program, if they conflict with Mingyur Rinpoche’s main teachings.
Once  you are accepted into the program, we will reach out to you to offer different schedule options for the mentor group discussions and peer-to-peer activities, which are the mandatory synchronous elements of the program.
Please note that it is mandatory to attend one of those 2 weekends:
  • The Anytime Anywhere Meditation program for MTP participants on the September 21 & 22 weekend, scheduled 9 am–3 pm EDT (New York) World Clock
  • The Anytime Anywhere Meditation program for MTP participants on the September 28 & 29 weekend, scheduled 9 am–3 pm HKT (Hong Kong)  World Clock

Acceptance & Deposit

a) A letter of acceptance will be emailed in the first week of July 2024.
b) Upon receipt of the letter of acceptance, a 25% deposit is required within 10 business days to hold your place in the program. Payment details will be provided in the letter of acceptance that will be sent out.


The following video is a recording of an info session of April 6th, 2024 about the program followed by a Q&A session.
If you still have any questions, please contact
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Applications for this year's program are closed.